Send Per Day With UNLIMITED FREE Ads, Classified Ads, Sell Purchase From Here,

Send Per Day With UNLIMITED FREE Ads, Classified Ads, Sell Purchase From Here,

guys absolutely loved it I got a lot of positive feedback and I got lots
of messages on my, Instagram asking me how can I scale how to do more specifics in this video, I’m not only going to show you how to make hundreds of dollars a day with unlimited ads but I’m gonna show you how we can scale to thousands of dollars using a lead capture tool and by simply importing this done for you funnel over here using this in our unlimited ads not only to get sales every day but to capture leads and build an email list so now we can make money of all our unlimited ads and our email subscriber list with thousands of people to get constant sales passively every the single day this is a post. you don’t want to miss it because you can use the strategy that I’m going to show you to make money with a whole lot of other things. you can think outside the box you can use this for multiple Clickbank
products multiple affiliate products you don’t have to use this exact strategy.
that I’m going to show you but watch how we’re going to use this funnel and you can apply this with anything to make money online you don’t want to miss this one.

all completely for free over here on the website, this is brand new unspoken stuff on the website so I really don’t want to waste any time and get straight into the first step is to I would really appreciate that comment down below I’ve been doing.

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you don’t miss the latest way on how to make money online but without further ado, I’m not going to waste any time just to show you some of
my earnings from this over here
18.18$,71.71$ 4.71$ 18$ 112$ 18$ dollars five dollars seventy-one dollars
eighteen dollars and this all adds up to a total of six thousand four hundred and thirty-five dollars so far 639 euros and 112 Blr brl so far um in this month so far so just to refresh to show you this is my live dashboard on earnings from
this funnel over here that I’m about to create and actually give to you in this
Pictures. you can see here this is all just reloading there you can see that this is
indeed refreshed in my live dashboard and not some kind of edited screenshots
or anything like that as you know a lot of people shows earnings on Dashboard. so this is just to show you that this is live proof of my dashboard but without further ado we can actually continue with the first step by step. number one is we want to go and find an affiliate product now as I told you you can use any affiliate product.

website visitors.

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Click here to visit websites.

That you can think of I recommend using an affiliate product that has a monthly subscription base so that you can actually make a passive income and commission every single month of one referral. meaning let’s say this pen obeyer costs 20 dollars per month to have now if I refer you and get 50 commission every month you are going to get 10 every single month for the rest of your life this is the same concept over here
with a subscription base so I’m going to give you a couple of examples firstly. we can use Builderall over here I’m just going to come over to the websites we can also go and use and we can go and promote all of these as affiliates and get between 30 and 100 commissions for promoting these products over here.

we’ve got all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom over here um you’ll see right at the bottom if I zoom in on the screen there’s an
affiliates tab over here. so you just click on affiliates open this up in a
new tab and this will open up the affiliate signup page then all you do is
enter your first name all these details over here click on create your account
and you’ll get 40 every single month for the rest of your life per referral same with kartra over here so great alternative to click funnels these are all very similar tools and apply to every single user so these tools don’t really apply to a specific niche these tools are basically funneled builders email automation and tools like that for anyone that wants to build an online business or a website and millions of people build websites on a daily basis.

so now we can go and use these affiliate programs to target that market and make tons of commissions so same with carter you scroll all the way down to the bottom click on the affiliate program. and you can sign up over here completely for free number three my favorite one over here if we scroll up to the top is this is the tool that I’ve been promoting reason being it’s one of the cheaper tools and also one of the highest quality and i find this tool gives a lot of bonuses to their affiliate. so for example if i refer you you exclusively get over a thousand two hundred dollars worth of funnels which is what i’m also going to give to you and that’s completely free. so if you scroll down over here you can see at the bottom of builder roll there is an affiliates page over here click on affiliates it will take you to this page all you do is scroll down to the bottom and you can sign up as a builder solo affiliate so these are my top three affiliate programs that I recommend you promote. if you want to build a passive income business I’m at about six thousand dollars a month on bull rule while I literally eat sleep and poop because of effort that I’ve put in months and years back. so this is a beautiful model over here of passive income for those that say for those motivational speakers that say passive income does not work it does and i’m going to prove that to you however there is a little bit of effort required passive income doesn’t just fall out of the sky onto your lap, but it can happen a lot quicker and easier than what you think so again over here you click on apply fill in all the information and you can become an affiliate.

step number two is we actually gonna use Builderall to design and get our funnel over here where we can go and import our downfield funnel so I’m actually going to use Builderall to promote bowl roll that’s actually kind of cool but it fits perfectly because there’s actually done for you funnels all ready to go and promote Builderall as an affiliate. so all you’re going to do is if you want to get Builderall with all these done few funnels over here you can click on the second link in the post. there is a free trial or a one-dollar 15 day or 14-day free trial and you get over a thousand two hundred dollars worth of bonuses. that’s the second link in the post and then once you’ve landed on your Builderall dashboard it’s going to look like this now over here. if you hover over apps you can see all your different applications from final builders chat builders.

you can build your own courses app mobile app builders for ios and android you can build woo-commerce websites Whatsapp automation SMS messaging telegram automation script generators every single tool that you can think of that you need to market any kind of product the tool. that we’re going to be using is final build over here click on final builder then it will pop up with this page over here. as you can see one of my final ones over here that i’m using to make money with the strategy you’re gonna click on add funnel over here just type the name so we can go type lead capture for example for the theme you can use any theme that you’d really like I’m gonna go and use uh the app funnel over here because it I feel like this theme works the best for the specific product. we’re gonna promote this case builder all click on create funnel over here and it will automatically load up this funnel the next page is gonna prompt up with start the funnel, click on that you want to click on blueprints over here. this is the best part you can import done a few funnel blueprints that is honestly worth a lot of money and that takes a lot of time to set up. it takes hours to design these kinds of funnels now this tool is literally giving you the blueprints at the click of a button in seconds. we’re gonna go and use over here the lead magnet page over here so what this is all about you can see our first page is our capture page. where we exchange our lead’s email address and name for a free product on this form of year, they then get in the confirmation email. where they subscribe to our email list and they can then get their free product now after this there’s going to be another page which is going to be our affiliate link directly to Builderall as an upsell and this email marketing campaign gets you at least an extra 20 conversion rate which is absolutely huge that is an extra 20 of your income. every single month that you can make just of your email list the next step is you’re gonna click on generate sites on the top right over here and you can click on go to websites and you can see each and every page in this funnel.

let’s go and start off with our lead magnet page which is our front page. we’re gonna click on the edit page over here and we can then go and edit this page and as you can see this is what your default theme looks like over here now. we want to go and do is we want to go and find a free product to go and give away obviously related to our main product which is the Builderall affiliate program. so Builderall is all about building funnels marketing making money promoting your products. so we need to go and find a product relative to that is easy. you can come over to a website called which is a free database. where you can find over 12 000 products to use as your lead product to give away for free to your audience. so on idplr we can just go and search for all funnel products over here. Click on answer over here on your keyboard if i scroll down on this page over here you can see this is the perfect product over here the sales funnel optimization strategies. what we’re going to do is we’re going to click on sales funnel optimization strategies and you’re going to click on the download button to download it directly to your pc over here on your browser’s download page. you will see the direct download link to your sales funnel over here. so that is step two complete is to go and get our free product to go and use on our funnel.

over here step three is to go and edit our page all you want to do is replace this image over here with the cover page of this ebook and we need to go and edit this title over here for your title. you can copy the title of and use that on your own page and for the sub description. you just want to make sure or mention that it’s free or marked down from a huge price to give your audience an idea that this is a one-time exclusive offer. now that this is complete you just want to click on your form over here. you want to click on the set list and make sure this is set to your form over here. so we can click on the reverse opt-in page over here which is the default form that was created. when we imported this funnel just make sure this is saved this is super important that your leads are saved to a form so that we know which emails so that we know which group of people and our email is to send out our emails. the next step is we can save this page and continue to our next page in the funnel so this is now saved we want to come back to the page over here where we can view all the pages in our funnel let’s go and edit the confirmation email page just click on edit page over here. and we can leave this as is this is actually already created.

and the next step is we just want to go and edit the download page click on the edit page over here so we can go and add our download link to this page over here now on this download page we’re actually going to change it up a bit we’re going to change this text and upsell them to builder rule and what we want to do is. we want to type here claim an extra 2 997 done for you funnels free open this up over here drag this title up over here and this download button. we just want to go and change the text so click on edit elements click on headline over here. and we just want to type in the claim and click on away and now this is the button. we’re going to set our affiliate links on your Builderall dashboard over here. you want to click on the affiliates tab at the top right scroll down and on the left. you will see it says funnel club click on builder all premium funnels scroll down some more on this page until you get to a page over here where it gives you the first commission five-day challenge take a look at this. if I copy my photo link and paste this in a new tab this is where you can claim over a thousand two hundred dollars worth of bonuses with Builderall completely for free for the first 15 days so that is why we are mentioning this is free over here because it’s free for 15 days so yeah you can see if I scroll down you get everything over here instead of 1 288 all these bonuses over here you get a free trial for builder all for 15 days and then 79 a month to continue after that that is stated on the page now every time your lead pays the 79 a month you get 100 commission. your first month and 30 every month thereafter so let’s go and work this out if i take 79 times 30 percent that is 23 dollars you’re gonna make every single month from one person for the rest of your life now you’ve got to look at it like this in terms of volume if you get five people your first month five people next month now you’ve got 10 people paying you every single month. if you get five people a month for a year you’ve now got over 60 people paying you 27 every single month if you get 10 people per month every year that is over 120 people paying you 27 a month which is well over 2 700 every single month for the rest of your life so you can see how passive this becomes once your funnel is complete over here. we’re going to click on publish this is now complete emails done ready for you all the pages are complete.

now we can go and promote this anywhere you can think of you can use free ads. you can use paid ads you can use Instagram ads, google ads, Facebook ads, free traffic unlimited ad marketplaces, which is where we’re gonna go and start. so we’re gonna come over to free classified on your browser on

you can see all the categories over here the one we are going to focus on is jobs and services over here so what you want to go and do is you want to come up to the top over here. you want to click on the post and add a couple of ads will pop up just close them over here click on the post an ad then it will ask you for the category, that you want to go and post your ad click on jobs over here and you will see tons of sub-categories over here from accounting and finance education and training so what we can go and do is. we want to go and use education and training and information technology as obviously this has got to do with web development let’s go and click on education training and library over here, I’m going to open this up in a new tab and we want to go and choose teaching jobs over here and we’re going to go and offer a free funnel ebook class and give that away so over here you can choose you to want to go and choose 60 days because the longer your ad is up the more traffic you’re going to be getting and the title all. you want to type is free sales funnel optimization ebook slash class and what you want to type is here to download your ebook and get access to a total of 297 dollars worth of funnels for free click here and this is where you want to put the link.

your first page um of this opt-in funnel over here so that is the lead magnet page just click on go to website copy the link to this page come over to google and just type in we’re going to shorten our URL and also we can track how many clicks you get so just paste your link over here. click on shorten and copy your new short link over here come back to your ad over here and paste your link over here for your phone number you can enter your phone number if you want to your street location you can also type that in for your location or region i recommend choose united states as you want traffic from top tier countries and then what you can do is you can just come into google and type united states address generator click on enter over here this we just need to actually go and activate our ad this is not important that’s why. we need this information and you can go and copy this information over here paste it over here and click on your website URL also go and paste it over here, and you don’t need any additional details to click on the next step and go and publish your ad the next step is we want to go and replicate this and go and post it on as many ad places as possible, so what I did was I came over to a website called I took global free classified ads and I found tons of similar websites that also do classified ads like this that are getting millions of views total every single month and you can now go and replicate your ad on all of these websites over here so classified Click on the link to classified ads and the same thing over here you want to go and post a free ad again you can just go and copy and paste come over to free admit one. you just click on this little arrow over here and it will take you straight to the website. Click on post a free ad here copies paste the same thing over here adlan pro. Click on the link to this website go and create another free ad and copy and paste all the effort is done for you remember. your funnel is doing all of the hard work for you and you want to go through all of these websites over here on

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you can see how many of them they actually are and go and post your ad on every single one of these and the whole point of this is to build your email over here and get as many email addresses as possible so that we can go and send out daily emails every single day. what I’m going to do is to give you a free email course on how you can set up these specific free emails I’m going to leave a link down below in the post or the comments um to a free email marketing course and you can just use the Builderall mailing boss autoresponder over here. which is this tool over here and also if you click on learn more it’s gonna take you to a free training database which will teach you how to actually go and master mailing boss and set up your automation email so firstly you’ve got the free training over here and I’m gonna leave a free email marketing course down below with done-for-you email templates to use for your final over here which is going to be getting you tons of sign-ups on all of your ad marketplaces over here where you’ve posted all of your ads so as you can see this is a done for your business already set up so make sure to go and click on the pin comments I’ll leave it on the pinned comment the course to how to set up your emails as well as make sure to save this post and read it again.

If there’s nothing that. you understand or anything that you don’t understand um just to be clear on how to actually go and create your page. so Builderall is a really powerful tool if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and want to create your own funnels as you saw over here I literally created your own funnel done for you in 15-20 minutes in this post which was really quick. here to help you out with more Builderall training setting up emails on Builderall how to send emails every single day automatically without even touching a button yourself and it’s all an automated system. so this playlist over here will really help you out even more with this I recommend go and click on this playlist over here and I’ll see you over there.

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